Alfa Romeo Owners Club of Australia

What is Alfesta?

Alfesta is the name given to the Club’s annual gathering. It is to be held at Easter each year, unless otherwise decided by a unanimous vote of the National Council.

More on Alfesta guidelines here.

The history of Alfesta

Ernie and Joan Stock, Joan Lewis and Anne Beck compiled a history of Alfesta in the mid 1990’s which was given out as a booklet at Alfesta in 1996. The booklet advises that the gatherings from 1975 onwards are officially recognised Alfestas, but the 1971 to 1974 events were attended mainly by Victorian Division members with a few enthusiasts from the other States and were not considered National events.

Alfesta 1975


The first Alfesta held at Lake Boga near Swan Hill Victoria, on the Queen’s Birthday weekend.

The late Bob Gardiner named “Alfesta”. At this inaugural event, there were three people from Western Australia, one from Queensland, a small contingent from New South Wales and the rest were from the host state of Victoria, about 45 participants in all.

A motorkhana and barbecue was held in addition to a visit to the Motor Museum. Dinner on a River Boat, which had quite a list to port, or was it the “Port” that gave us the list!


Alfesta 1976

South Australia

Based at the Weintal Hotel Motel, Tanunda in the Barossa Valley, South Australia on the Queen’s Birthday weekend.

By 1976 the States of Western Australia and Queensland had Divisions of the AROCA and participants attended from Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria and of course, the home State of South Australia. Bruce Wood and family organised the event and went on to form the South Australian Division of the Club.

A Motorkhana, an Economy Run and Concours, and a visit to the Birdwood Mill Museum made up the motoring events and Social events included visits to Wineries.

Red and White Wines with the Alfesta 76 label were used and available for purchase.


Alfesta 1977


Accommodation was at the Broadbeach Hotel on the Gold Coast in Queensland and this event was also held on the Queen’s Birthday weekend.

Participants from South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland enjoyed what was up to this time the best organised Alfesta.

The weekend started with Visits to Seaworld and Binna Burra and a Cabaret at the venue. The next day an Observation Run and lunch at Advance Town Dam was followed by a concours and Motorkhana at Surfers Paradise Raceway. A dinner/dance and presentation of trophies was held at the Hotel that night to finish off the event.


Alfesta 1978

New South Wales

Held at Leura near Katoomba in the Blue Mountains area of New South Wales. This event was the first Alfesta held over Easter, a tradition that has continued even since.

The States of South Australia, Victoria, Queensland and the host state of New South Wales were all represented. In addition to those “living in”, about 30 locals attending from Sydney on the Sunday.

What at first seemed a novel idea turned out to be great because of bad weather. This was the use of Coaches to take participants on a scenic tour and a trip to the Jenolan Caves. A dinner/dance was held at the Motel on Saturday.

On Sunday an Observation and Economy Run was held, as well as a visit to the Norman Lindsay Gallery, with the best maintained car judging by popular vote.


Alfesta 1979


This event was held at Mulwala, a dot on the map across the river from Yarrawonga, in Victoria.

Participants attended from New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland and the host state of Victoria, with a total of about 100 people participating in the festivities.

On Friday an Economy-Observation Run was held with a barbecue lunch at Rutherglen and dinner at the Golf Club.

The highlight of this Alfesta was the Saturday at Winton Race Track, where Sprints were held and Col Goldie drove the Typo 33 Alfa around the track at lunchtime.

Sunday brought a concours and ferry trip on the lake. By this time a familiar pattern had emerged which was to be followed at all future Alfesta, all night parties after the official functions were finished keep many Alfisti up most of the night.


Alfesta 1980

South Australia

This was the second Alfesta held in South Australia and the venue was the Old Adelaide Inn, in the City of Adelaide. About 100 people attended from the east coast States and South Australia.

The event started on Friday started with a train trip to Strathalbyn and a lunch in the park. A terrific idea, as lots of eats and drinks were provided on the train on the way home and the South Australian girls really did a fine job of the catering.

On Saturday an Observation Run to and from Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills was punctuated by lunch. A dinner/dance was held that night back at the venue.

On Sunday a convoy of Alfas drove to Yalumba Winery at Angaston with lunch in the grounds. A concours by popular choice was held. The weekend was brought to an end with another dinner/dance at the Hotel.


Alfesta 1981


Held at Broadbeach Hotel on the Queensland Gold Coast, all states were represented and once again about 100 people attended.

Friday dawned fine and the event started with a Launch Cruise to Stradbroke Island and a barbecue lunch. On the way to and from, participants water skied and aqua-planing behind the Launch.

Saturday brought an Observation Run and Motorkhana and a Dinner/Cabaret, and Sunday there was a Hill Climb event at Mount Cotton, and a dinner/dance at the Hotel.

The inevitable party started by collecting furnishings from all floors and along with some sound equipment assembled on the 4th floor lobby near the lifts. This was short lived because of noise and the party shifted (was shifted ?) to the top floor, where a convention room was made available. The night that followed (or should that read morning) is what Alfesta is all about.


Alfesta 1982

New South Wales

Held in the National Capital at the Canberra International Motor Inn.

The rooms surrounded a courtyard which had an unusual setting with an indoor-outdoor atmosphere, having a large tent-like plastic roof. This is where participants congregated around their own bar, and a podium was erected alongside to display Ernie Stocks T33. This setting created an ideal atmosphere of Alfesti camaraderie.

Friday and Saturday activities included a visit to a Sheep Station, a Cruise on Lake Burley Griffin, and an observation run taking in historic Lanyon Homestead. An interesting comment came from seven year old Alana O’Sullivan from the New South Wales Division, who said “we just ignored the silly questions” involved in the observation run.

Sunday stated with a spit roast and funkhana, followed by the Presentation Dinner that night where Damian Darby of South Australia won the Bob Gardiner Trophy.


Alfesta 1983


Held at Ballarat in Victoria and the venue was the Old Sovereign Hill Motel.

To quote Ann Beck, “we could give a full report of Motorkhana and Observation runs and trips around Ballarat by Tram to various venues, but we prefer to briefly mention what we saw as being the high points of a great Alfesta.

The Friday night Mardi Gras was a classic, full of fun and merriment which is synonymous with Alfesta. Queenslands “Helen” Darch (alias Peter Brown) was crowned Queen of Mardi Gras. Somebody made the comment at some stage that no Alfesta would be complete without the likes of “Helen”. Who could ever forget a certain unplanned “performance” on stage by Dale Crisp at Saturday nights Theatre Restaurant. To try and describe what happened would never do it justice, suffice to say that the actress who invited Dale and Ernie to join in a song never knew what hit her.

The Presentation night on Sunday saw Brian Horman of Victoria winning the Bob Gardiner Memorial Trophy.


Alfesta 1984

South Australia

Held at Hazlemere Estate in South Australia’s McLaren Vale area, with accommodation at both Hazlemere Estate and the McLaren Motel, at the other end of the town. A Bus was provided to transport those staying in the remote location to the Venue for meals etc.

On Friday participants enjoyed a relaxed cruise on the M.V. Aroona along the Coorong and the mouth of the Murray River. The highlight of Friday night was an unforgettable “Toffs’n’Tarts” party. To mention just one or two names will have to be forgiven in this instance as Brenda Stone and Chris Birks of NSW, made the “tartiest tarts” ever imaginable. Among the Toffs there was one unmentionable named man wearing “work boots, stubbies & dinner jacket”.

Saturday morning an Observation Run was to be conducted in two stages before and after lunch, which was held at the Middlebrook Winery. It was the highlight of the event because the Alfesti showed their true navigational skills, half turned the wrong way at the first turn out of the Motel thus eliminating any chance of success for those competitors. Those who went the right way at the first observation point, the dead centre of town, (they did not tell us it was the Cemetery) eliminated most of the other half of those who did go the right way out of the Motel. Only 17 cars completed the course.

An early start on Sunday found some people driving to Mallala Motor Sport Park for Sprints. The sensible ones did sightseeing of Wineries around McLaren Vale and a tour of the City of Adelaide by bus. They were sensible because it was blowing a gale at Mallala and at lunch time it was difficult to separate the gravel from the sandwiches.

The Presentation Dinner was on Sunday night and Jeff Harrison of Victoria won the Bob Gardiner Memorial Trophy.


Alfesta 1985


The Greenmount Beach Resort was the venue, in the State of Queensland.

Friday morning was spent relaxing on the beach and a barbecue lunch at the Resort was a very pleasant way of starting off Alfesta. In the afternoon the Alfisti drove in convoy to the Currumbin Bird Sanctuary which was a great place for the kids, and the big kids as well. By the way there was no shortage of toast at breakfast with the automatic toast machine popping out toast which ended piling up on the floor. There were numerous attendants trying unsuccessfully to turn it off.

That night we went by bus to Pam Tamblyn Restaurant at Palm Beach and on the way home the bus driver was bent on showing us how a double decker bus can handle like an Alfa. The louder the passengers cheered the more Italian spirit came out in the driver.

Saturday involved a navigation run through the hinterland of the Gold Coast ending up at Ern and Joan Stocks property for a magnificent gourmet barbecue. That night was spent dancing the night away to the strains of the magnificent Bush Band, The Wayfarers.

Sunday after lunch at Fisherman’s Wharf, there was a cruised of the Nerang River and Canal, passing the homes of the rich and famous. Fisherman’s Wharf just happened to have a collection of Boutiques and Gift Shops where the ladies could shop to their heats content. After the cruise the Alfisti made their way back to the Resort, once again by double decker bus, this time however the company must have stripped the driver of his famous name – Nuverlari.

Mark and Wendy Edmonds of Queensland won the Bob Gardiner Memorial Trophy, presented at the Trophy Dinner on Sunday night.


Alfesta 1986

New South Wales

Based at the Northbeach International in the lovely City of Wollongong, New South Wales.

The highlight of this Alfesta was the 159 Room where all briefings were held and most importantly the site of a bar manned (personed) by rostered NSW members. Every session saw very special mixed drinks, very popular particularly with the ladies.

Friday started off with a drive in convoy up MacQuarie Pass to Parmy’s Woolshed at Berrima where lunch was served and a Funkhana was enjoyed by all. Friday night’s Fancy Dress party with the theme Neptune in Tasman, brought out many different costumes, the most outstanding of which was Phil Walley from New South Wales who dressed as an Octopus. When the formal gathering was finished, most participants were anxious to go off to the 159 Room for a night cap.

Saturday started with a tour to the Rocks area of Sydney by Bus, partaking in an armchair observation competition on the way. The questions brought many serious and humorous answers. From the Rocks the procession continued on by Ferry to Manly for lunch at Rolfes. Busses returned the Alfisti back to Wollongong and then they dined and danced the night away and retired afterwards in the 159 Room for another night cap.

The Observation Run on Sunday went from Wollongong to Nowra and the Fleet Airarm Museum where a wonderful lunch in the Officers Ward Room was waited on by the Navy. Some would say that the highlight of the day was the drinks prices, they were extremely cheap. Tough luck for the drivers who had to get the cars back to Wollongong, they had to take it easy to avoid being over the limit. At Sunday nights Presentation Dinner, Les Mitting from Western Australia won the Bob Gardiner Trophy.


Alfesta 1987


Held at Mount Beauty in the Victorian Alps.

This was another great weekend in the fine tradition of Alfesta. Ern Stock brought the 1947 Golden Arrow all the way from Galgum, and Brian Horman brought his Giulia SS, another rare example of Alfa Romeo machinery. At the other end of the timeline a wide range of GTV 6’s and a few 90’s featured.

Friday’s activity was a bus trip up to the beautiful Kiewa Valley, definitely a place to be revisited.

Saturday morning saw some drive off to Winton to try their skill on the Race Track, whilst the more cautious indulged in a Bus tour to Brown Brothers Winery and Drages Air World. After lunch everyone participated in a Funkhana.

Sunday kicked off with a display of the cars before the start of an Observation Run to Wahgunyah, near Rutherglen. The evenings were full of dancing and merriment all of which topped off another great Alfesta. At the Presentation Dinner, Brian Horman of Victoria won the Bob Gardiner Memorial Trophy.


Alfesta 1988

South Australia

The venue was the Marineland Village Caravan Park at South Australia’s West Beach, only a short distance from the City of Adelaide.

Accommodation was in well appointed Villas housing two couples and Vans and Units, each housing one couple. These were in a lovely park setting alongside the beach adjoining the Surf Life Saving Club Rooms in which all meals were had and most functions were held. The event started on Thursday night with registration and a welcome, followed by a light supper.

All day Friday there was a Magical Mystery Bus Tour to Victor Harbour which included beautiful views of the Adelaide Hills. That evening there was a Black and White dinner-dance in the Surf Life Saving Club Rooms. The theme was derived from the fact that Adelaide was the Grand Prix City and checkered flags were the main theme for the night.

The next day there was a Funkhana at a farm in the Adelaide Hills with a picnic lunch sitting on hay bales, a truly beautiful setting, where one could witness the workings of a farm. That evening there was a barbecue dinner served at the Surf Life Saving Club Rooms.

Sunday’s Observation Run was to the Birdwood Mill where there was a lunch and a Concours d’Elegance. The afternoon was free to view the wonderful display of cars, motorbikes and memorabilia at the Mill. That evening a bus took the participants to the Hilton Hotel in the City of Adelaide, where the dinner-dance and Trophy Presentation took place. Les Mitting of Western Australia won the Bob Gardiner Trophy.


Alfesta 1989


Held at Noosa on Queenslands Sunshine Coast with accommodation at the Quality Inn Terrace Gardens. This Alfesta was an International event with John and Chris Pickering from Canada and Mike Zimbler from England attending.

On Good Friday a Water Bus provided transport up river to the Everglades and a picnic spot, stopping on the way for Morning Tea, and a walk through fern glades. A barbecue was supplied after which the return trip was done by 4WD vehicles, through the bush to Rainbow Beach then 50 or 60 Klm back along the beach. Half of the participants did the trip in reverse. Dinner that night was in the venue.

Saturday was a free day but many choices of activities were offered for those who could not sit around and do nothing. Water skiing, ski boat riding, catamaran sailing, tennis, surfing, swimming and sun bathing were available and there was also the option of a quiet bit of shopping. Saturday night was dress night. The dressed up Alfisti assembled in front of the Motel at 6.30PM and where we were taken by coach to an old hotel, built in 1916, at Eumundi, about 20 Klm from Noosa. This pub had its own brewery and of course served its own beer. Those who were interested were taken on a tour of the brewery downstairs.

The theme was anything beginning with a P and a mention of some of the novel ideas that appeared in the costume lineup are in order. Three NSW members were Three peas in a pod, a puppet and puppeteer, a policeman, pirates and politicians. Les and Lesley from Western Australia came as Politicians waving the flag for the Australian Bullshit Party, distributing fake money, empty promises and balloons full of hot air.

On Sunday an Observation Run through the scenic Noosa hinterland finished in a park where a picnic lunch and informal concours was held. The formal Alfesta dinner was the final event for the weekend held in the River Room at the Motel. Formalities included the Presentation of a Plaque by John Pickering to John Cotter (AROCA National President) from the Canadian Alfa Romeo Owners Club. The Bob Gardiner Trophy was won by Mark and Wendy Edmonds of Queensland.


Alfesta 1990

New South Wales

The venue this year was the Rum Corps Barracks at Windsor, in New South Wales.

Friday dawned bright and sunny and a Funkhana day was organised with sports in the morning, being Golf, Tennis and a Time Trial Bicycle Ride. In the afternoon a Motorkhana took place in a nearby paddock which was somewhat muddy. A number of intrepid motorists, including a couple of 4WD’s, slithered their way around with varying degrees of success. Friday evening saw much preparation for the traditional theme night with the theme being Friday the l3th.

The room was decorated with black cats, spider webs and ghosts with very cleverly made centerpieces of little bats and witches. A variety of characters turned up, from the Good Fairy to Witches, Skeletons in a closet, black robed horrors and persons to whom various misfortunes had befallen, such as being knifed or axed (or both) or being jumbled up in ladders.

On Saturday the outing was to Lithgow in the Blue Mountains for a trip on the Zigzag Railway.

On Sunday an Observation Run went all over the countryside around the upper Hawkesbury Area. This did not require any great feats of navigation but did require keen eyes and some lateral thinking to work out some of the cryptic questions. Lunch was at a sheep station for a barbecue followed by a concours d’eleganza. The Sunday night formal dinner dance held at the Barracks with the Bob Gardiner Memorial Trophy going to Phil and Judy Whalley of NSW.


Alfesta 1991


Alfesta this year was booked in a top Hotel in Frankston, but due to misfortunes some few weeks before the event, another venue had to be selected. Maryland’s Guest House in Marysville, Victoria, was organised at short notice and became the perfect place for the festivities.

Alfesta started off on Friday with what was described in the program as a games and fun sports day. It was certainly that and more, with fierce competition when husbands and wives opposed each other at Billiards, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volley Ball and Croquet. The fun continued all day and as the day went on participants found more ways of cheating and taking unfair advantage of the opposition. It was considered by many as the most wonderful day that anyone had ever had at any Alfesta up to that time. That evening most Alfisti made the marathon effort of walking the 3 or 4 miles, or was it 30 miles, uphill to the Stevenson’s Falls. The flora and fauna on the way was magnificent.

Saturday was a free day which proved to be a really terrific day of socialising and getting to know the rest of the crew. Saturday there was an Easter Bonnet Parade and all meals served in the venue were excellent.

Sunday the Alfesta Bunny came to the children much to their delight. After breakfast there was an Observation Run en-route to Domain Chandon Winery. A concours was conducted in the grounds of the Winery. At the Presentation dinner that evening, the Bob Gardiner Memorial Trophy was won by Andrew and Irene Leithhead of NSW.

For the first time this year a new trophy was to be presented, known as “The Spirit of Alfesta”. This was presented to Ern and Joan Stock of Victoria.


Alfesta 1992

South Australia

Barossa Motor Inn, Tanunda S.A. Friday dawned cloudy, but it didn’t dampen the Alfesta Spirit because the day was to be a Bus-tin Loose Bus tour. Participants boarded two Buses and settled back to what they thought was to be a long bus drive. The Buses went a few meters down the road and stopped, next door to the Inn was a Science and Technical Museum, the first stop on the tour. To add to the confusion there was a question and answers sheet to fill in on the trip. Most Alfisti did not read the question sheet properly until after they had left the Museum and half the questions to be answered were to be found in the Museum. The Buses then went to Minglers Hill Lookout, where there were more questions to answer. A sketch was required of one of the many pieces of sculpture scattered around the lookout hill. The drawings turned out to be hilarious because the sculptures were of a very modern style and no one could tell from which side to view them, so they could be drawn as the artist envisaged them.

After lunch in the park we visited Collingrove, a beautiful Historic Home in Angaston. We then traveled on to the Adelaide Hills and the Chocolate Factory, and then to the Toy Factory. Back at the Motel that evening we had a dinner dance and fancy dress party with the theme, your Favorite TV or Movie Star.

Saturday’s Motorkhana in the dirt around Mallala also provided the added pleasure of a Historic Race meeting on the race circuit.

On Sunday we enjoyed an Observation Run which terminated for lunch at Seppeltsfield Winery. The Alfas were assembled here for our Concours d’Alfesta. In the evening our Presentation dinner was held at a restaurant in town where the Bob Gardiner Memorial Trophy was presented to Andrew Papadopoulos of NSW and the Spirit of Alfesta to Harry and Joan Lewis.


Alfesta 1993

Western Australia

Fremantle, Western Australia – Freo Frolic. As each Alfesta comes and goes there are many memories that flash through your mind. I am sure when many of us recall Alfesta 93, two very hairy, very smelly, four legged animals will come to mind. Yes, incredible but true, we had the pleasure of two camels to put us in the spirit of the Arabian Nights evening on Friday night.

Let’s set the scene. Imagine spacious rooms with separate lounge, kitchen and bedroom, modern pleasant decor, overlooking yachts and boats moored to a marina whilst the Swan River gently flows by in the background. These were our rooms at Pier 21. In the car park a large silk lined marquee had been erected for some of our activities.

Alfesta traditionally commences on Friday morning, however as each year goes by more and more people are arriving earlier and leaving later, so the fun started on Thursday afternoon. Norm Craven-Kelly, principal organiser of the event, welcomed all Alfisti and formally declared Alfesta 93 open. A light meal had been organised by the efficient and hard working WA Alfesta committee in the marquee, and tall tales were exchanged about convoys across the Nullabor, Trains across the Nation and other adventures in getting to Alfesta.

Also on Thursday night the National President, Mike Birks, called on Ernie Stock to say a few words about our late great friend, Harry Lewis. Mike then dedicated the Spirit of Alfesta Trophy to the memory of Harry. The trophy is now known as The Harry Lewis Spirit of Alfesta Trophy.

After breakfast Friday morning we boarded pseudo trams for a sightseeing tour of Fremantle, then a cruise down the beautiful Swan River viewing the many riverside mansions of well known WA tycoons. Once aboard the trusty trams again we continued sightseeing of Kings Park, Perth City and its environs, then back to Pier 21. The day was very interesting and relaxing.

After a short rest, well a few drinks, we all made our way to our oasis in the car park and were confronted by our two camel escorts for the night. They really did steal the show and it was pleasing to see the effort so many Alfisti had made to join in the fun and dress up in Arabian Nights theme.

Saturday morning saw us climb into our vehicles and head east to find the historical town of York some 100 Klms from Perth. Of course the mandatory Alfesta Observation Run was the reason for this excursion. After lunch at the Castle Hotel in York, the afternoon was at everyone’s leisure to look through the well known Car Museum, antique fair, art & craft shops etc.

Saturday night proved very interesting with Karaoke in the now infamous marquee. As usual on these nights there are some stars, and some who should definitely stick to driving motor cars. I think John Shoan from the WA Division deserves special mention as one of the stars.

As well as the cars driven to Alfesta, many other Club cars from WA turned up for the display held in the park in Fremantle. A superb lunch was provided by the organisers and the weather continued to be sunny and mild. The afternoon offered the option for enthusiasts to compete in Go Kart racing or have a free afternoon to explore in detail, Fremantle’s many museums, hotels, markets and shops. Our formal evening of the weekend was held in Pier 21 restaurant which was a lovely setting for a pleasant night. The prestigious Harry Lewis Spirit of Alfesta Trophy Award was won by Rick & Sue Hardy of South Australia and the Bob Gardiner Memorial Trophy was presented to Allan & Glenda Wheeley of ACT.

Alfesta 1994


The accommodation was in the Noosa International Hotel at Noosa Heads, Queensland.

Good Friday morning, after a splendid breakfast and briefing by Queensland’s very efficient committee, the Alfisti headed to a local riverside park to have a forenoon of hilarious sports. Coloured caps which were provided in the Alfesta packs in each room along with T shirts, a towel, 15+ sun screen cream and various other goodies, designated which team each participant belonged to. Red, Green and White teams competed valiantly at Volley Ball, a Triathalon and a questionable event involving large inflated bananas, floating on the river.

After the games lunch was provided at Dilozos Restaurant and after lunch, there was an Economy and Observation run through the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. In the evening a poolside barbecue was enjoyed by all.

Saturdays Breakfast was at Le Monde Sidewalk Cafe and all but Ern Stock walked to the Cafe. Ern Stock was pushed in a wheel-barrow by Mike Birks. A free morning followed breakfast, Mike needed it to recover from transporting Ern. After lunch at the Resort, another Observation Run was held and went through some more delightful countryside in the hinterland. The fancy dress theme for the evening dinner was Eureka and some of the costumes were stunning.

Sunday started with a Show and Shine held in the local Lions Park. After lunch at the Resort there was a Funkhana at Kin Kin an excellent venue with large grounds where three circuits were set up and every driver had three runs on each circuit.

The Presentation Dinner was held at the Resort and the winner of the Harry Lewis Memorial Spirit of Alfesta Trophy was Jason Doyle of New South Wales and the Bob Gardiner Memorial Trophy was won by Steve and Di Jones of Queensland.


Alfesta 1995

New South Wales

Held at the Country Comfort Inn, in the Hunter Valley New South Wales, the venue was excellent. It was the former Monte Pio (or Holy Hill) Sacred Heart College, situated in 10 acres of gardens and everything for Alfesta was able to be held in house.

Friday dawned wet so activities were confined to indoors where fun games were played by all. The participants were divided into six teams with folk from all States intermixed. The games played were Bocca (without steel balls), Quoits, (plastic rings had to be thrown over plastic sticks a nearly impossible task) and butt-head (throwing a soft ball at a person wearing a Velcro skullcap. In all games the camaraderie of the mixed teams and the intense rivalry between teams ensured the start of the most wonderful weekend that any group could ever have.

After lunch, still organised in the teams from the morning, the task was to build replicas of a Guilia TI from timber and cardboard, with a couple of rolls of masking tape and a few nails to hold it together. The cars built were excellent in the eyes of the builders, but they took about an hour and a half of assembling, disassembling, sticking up, falling to bits, re-erecting again and so on. The cars were supplied in KDK form but it was difficult to establish which parts of the cut-out cardboard fitted where. After building the cars they had to be decorated as a Polizia Car and this provided quite a bit of scope for individual expression with little Policeman cut-outs sitting in and on the cars and even a Police Dog looking out of a window.

The culmination of the afternoon’s work had to be decided by a race of the cars four times round the car park. This involved six people, two inside the car and four outside carrying the car. We weren’t told of this eventuality beforehand and even just lifting the cars over the drivers caused some of the bits to fall off. The flag was dropped to start the race and on the first bend there was a coming together of all cars which promptly caused most of them to loose vital pieces and the crews then ran around the car park four times holding bits of wood, cardboard, sticky tape and nothing at all. This event was one of the funniest thing that has happened at any place, anywhere at any time.

After an excellent dinner at the venue, the fancy dress theme was The Blues Brothers which brought out costumes such as The Great Alfesto, The Four Trumpets lots of Blues Brothers look a-likes, Nuns, Police, Sheriff, Nazis etc. A good night of wining, dining and dancing was had by all.

Saturday started with an interesting Observation Run followed by a sumptuous lunch and then a free afternoon to rest. This was followed by the Wine Maker’s Dinner. There were up to six different types of wine to have with every course served. It was presented by a young Wine Maker from a local Winery.

Sunday. A “how and shine in the gardens at the Resort started off Sundays activities and this was followed by lunch at a Winery. After lunch the party was split into about eight groups to tour the various wineries and attractions around the Hunter Valley. At the Presentation Dinner which was held at the resort, Colin and Terry Densley from Queensland were presented with the Harry Lewis Memorial Spirit of Alfesta Trophy and Anne and Colin Beck of Victoria were presented with the Bob Gardiner Memorial Trophy.


Alfesta 1996


Held at Echuca, on the Murray River in Victoria, report available soon.


Alfesta 1997

South Australia

Held at Burra in South Australia’s Mid North region. Report by Pat Garrett

Alfesta 1998


Based in the City of Brisbane at Rydges South Bank.

Alfesta 1999

New South Wales

Held at Batemans Bay, South of Sydney in New South Wales.

Alfesta 2000

Western Australia

Held at Margaret River, Western Australia. Report by Eric Langdon

Alfesta 2001


Pinnacle Valley Resort

Alfesta 2002

South Australia

Hahndorf Resort and Tourist Park

Alfesta 2003


Caloundra. Report by Lyn Wetzig

Alfesta 2004

New South Wales

Bowral, New South Wales

Alfesta 2005

Victoria (no official Alfesta)

No Alfesta…”Carnavelle”, Milawa, Victoria

Alfesta 2006


Ballarat, Victoria

Alfesta 2007

South Australia

Berri, South Australia

Alfesta 2008


Mooloolaba, Queensland

Alfesta 2009

New South Wales

Orange, New South Wales

Alfesta 2010


Phillip Island, Victoria. Report by Victor Lee

Alfesta 2011

South Australia

The Clare Valley is one of Australia’s premium wine regions, first settled in the 1840s, it is steeped in history. Alfesta 2011 will commence on Thursday 21st April 2011 and conclude on Monday 25th April 2011. Click here for full details.

No Alfesta 2012

Tasmania (No Alfesta)
No Alfesta … “Turismo Tasmania”

Alfesta 2013

Canberra, ACT

Alfesta 2014


Gold Coast, Queensland

Alfesta 2015


Creswick, Victoria